An intelligent person, who has studied the scriptures
and has repeatedly practised what they enjoin
should renounce them after knowing the supreme Brahman,
just as a man throws aside a flaming torch at the end of his journey.

Amritanada Upanishad

The basic Law of Being

Dear friends, Dharma is a basic principle of the practice. Dharma determines a method of the Spiritual Practice and its Goal. First of all, it must be accepted by Mind and Heart.


This yoga is a manifestation of the Advaita principle the Great Unity
There is nothing more than the United Indescribable Lord. Everything is His manifestation.
There isn't a fallen world; there isn't a personality who is separated from the Highest.
There is only the United Primordial Consciousness.
This Darshan gives liberation and the Might of Ishvara.
Everything is possible.

Tat Tvam Asi (That thou art)
Samaveda, Chchandogya Upanishad, 6.8.7

Mystical Division in the Indivisible
Play Form

This World Exists and doesn't Exist at the same time.
This World is the Play of the Lord (Lila). The World isn't God's mistake that must be corrected or be escaped from.
Our limited consciousness can perceive it as a place of continual torments, but it will be a fleeting glance of an inattentive being.
This World is created for Ananda. It is changing and going to its Perfection. The World was created by Ananda. The World is going to the more Ultramundane Ananda of the Great Many and of the Great Unity.

... the thousandfold enigma has been solved
Sri Aurobindo. Savitri. Book One, Canto IV

The Primordial Mother

The first that manifested itself as an Idea inside the Universal was an imagination of Self as Consciousness-Bliss and Force-Bliss.
Consciousness became Ishvara the Great Lord, and Force became Adi Shakti the Mother of Everything, His eternal Spouse.
She is always in His Heart and He is always in Hers.
She creates Universes for Him. He plays on them taking different shapes.
We worship the Adi Shakti in order to change ourselves and the World for our manifestation.
It is Conscious Force whose Might is incomparable to nothing else,
because Everything is Her Creation.
Let Adi Shakti change Us,
Let it manifest itself in Us in its Supreme Form.
Let Saruba Mukti be achieved Liberation with Form.

Shakti is a Guide Force by which
all four parts of Adhar (Body, Prana, Chitta and Buddhi)
are kept in the state of their Highest Perfection.

Sri Aurobindo, Sapta Chatushtaya.

Yoga practice and Principle of the Only Unsupported State

While the openness of Shakti isn't total yet and the fundamental negative Samskaras (Predisposition-Imagination) remain unmitigated in Adhar (Vessel-Body): ego, wishes, ashakti, dharma samskaras and so on. Sadhak is required to bend every effort to use such methods of yoga as Mantrika, Pranayama, Static Meditation, Worshipping, reading of the Holy Texts and so on. But all of these methods must be used as auxiliary and temporary. Their goal is an exit to the Natural Unsupported State (Sahaja) where the United Consciousness-Bliss integrates itself with Force-Bliss.

A method has been preconised for achieving this purpose
which is as total and integral as the aim set before it, viz.,
the total and integral change of the consciousness and nature,
taking up old methods but only as a part action
and present aid to others that are distinctive.

Sri Aurobindo - from a letter to his follower.

... Let all men jeer at me if they will or all Hell fall upon me if it will for my presumption, I go on till I conquer or perish. This is the spirit in which I seek the Supermind, no hunting for greatness for myself or others.

Sri Aurobindo, On Himself

Dharma of Practicing man
(Chatur Varna, Sapta Chatushtaya, Sri Aurobindo)
Three classes of Practicing men:
Pashu, Vira, Divya
Dharma of the Day of Practice (Sunday)
(Aspects of Yama and Niyama)