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Dharma for the Seminar

Dears! All the below mentioned rules are only recommendations for each of You. The way You follow them depends on Your level of progress in this Yoga.


The day before the Seminar/Practice one should follow the next Principles:

  1. Brahmacharya principle (Self-control), means control over contacting the objects of the sense, celibate (denial from sexual relationship).
  2. Saucha and Ahimsa principles (Purity and Non-violence), means assuming only vegetable or milk food, denial from alcoholic drinks, sleeping well.
  3. Aparigraha principle (Non-possessiveness), means perception that all the wealth, objects, Energies, Consciousness belong only to the Lord, our Truly Divine Nature.
  4. Svadhyaya (Self-observation), means carrying out Three Periods Dhyana (Three Kala Drishti)
    • Meditation on the events of the past week, observing them through the Eye of the Pure Awareness
    • Meditation with the concentration on the current moment, harmonization of Adhara (body as a vessel), integration of the consciousness with Shakti
    • Meditation with the concentration on the next day creation of Sankalpa (resolution) for diligent, sincere and thoughtful practice.

On the Seminar day all the below described principles are extended with:

  1. Saucha principle (Purity) means complete wash of the body, clean clothes.
  2. Satya principle (Truth) means sincerity, first of all to yourself.
  3. Tapasya principle (strong willed effort) means diligemce in all kinds of practices: Sravana (Listening), Manana (Reflection), Nidhya-dhyasana (Meditation).
  4. Ishvarapranidhana principle (Surrender to God), means to lay all the results of our practice at the feet of God and beg Him for the mercy of His Shakti to make us Perfect beings.

Dears! If You are late, please try to stay in meditation (repeat Mantra with beads or do Dhyana), keep silent while changing clothes and apologize to all present in the hall when entering.

If You didnt have a chance to come to the seminar, do Dhyana (Meditations) on Your own at home during 30 minutes up to 2 hours.

Try to follow to these Principles for the love to God and People that are next to You in Sadhu-Sangha (the community of the practicing people).

Om Namo Bhagavate