Instructions to the first Dhyana

The power of Advaita


It was nasty evening. There was a storm and heavy shower outside. There stayed one utter brahmachari in the small ashram (the rest went to sankirtan ). He was calmly reading Bhagavat Gita. Suddennly someone knocked at the door - on the doorstep there was a wet young woman:
I think I`am lost. Let me stay here for a night?
"Jiva doya..." thought brahmacari and brought the woman to the room. He asked her to sit down and continued reading.
I `m cold, said the woman some time later. The brahmacari brought her a chadar.
I `m cold, repeat the woman again. The brahmacari brought her a jacket and continued reading.
I `m cold! the woman didn't stop. The brahmacari brought her a blanket, muffled her up and returned to reading Gita.
A bit later there came the next complain about coldness. The brahmacari brought all the warm clothes and threw out in front of the woman. At last she bursts out: You know, said the woman, in such bad weather my dead husband used to warm me up with his own body, not with clothes!
But matadji, imperturbably answered the brahmacari, How can I find your dead husband`s body in such stormy night?

True patience

Two approaches

A wise man






One big boss took a great interest in krishnaism. Six months later he had a talk to one experienced devotee. The devotee said to him:
You have made such obvious progress!...
How can You call it progress?! A half year ago I was called "Director", and now I`am a servant of a servant of a servant!...

The paradox

Ole Nidal is a sect

Points of view

To respect all

A sense of personal significance

Home is the place where we are keeping all our junk whereas we are out of home for obtaining more junk.

Feel the difference

Games of the Supermind


Traditions of the Departure



Depth of thoughts


No comment



Dedicated to the theorists of the unified field theory


Another Guru

Sadhu (learner) is talking to his Guru:
Guru Dji, tell me why I do not have any progress in spiritual hierarchy though I've been living in Ashram for so many years? Why am I not yet a senior manager of the Ashram? I can get offended and leave for another Guru, won`t you feel sorry?
Why should I feel sorry for another Guru?


A universal reminder about meat (almost a joke)

  1. Youd better not eat meat.
  2. If you ate meat there is no problem in it. Anyway, remember point 1.
  3. If there nothing else to eat, you can eat meat.
  4. Dont condemn those who eat meat.
  5. Dont push others to stop eating meat. (especially at the moment they are eating it).
  6. If you have a burning desire to eat meat eat some of your own.
  7. If following point 6 you felt pain remember pain of those whom we eat.


Genuine relics


— Mother you are laughing...
— No, Im not laughing. I cant be more serious but for when am laughing.

Satprem. "Gringo"

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