Sri Aurobindo

The Mantras written by Sri Aurobindo.

Sri Aurobindos Gayatri Mantra (Music by Sunil Bhattacharya) [mp3, 0 b]

Aum Anandamaya In the State of Bliss (Music by Shobha Mittra) [mp3, 0 b]


The Mother. Mirra Alfassa.

Unique meditative organ music by the Mother vibrates in the body of a practitioner.

The Mother is reading the Mantra AUM NAMO BHAGAVATE [mp3, 0 b]

Messages − The Mother is playing the organ, her voice is sounding.

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The Mother is reading An hour of God − she is playing the organ, her voice is sounding.

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The Mother is playing the organ

Mantras and Badjanas of different spiritual directions.

Govinda Bajan [mp3, 0 b]

Gauranga Bajan [mp3, 0 b]

The Great Faithful Srila Prabhupada reads Mahamantra [mp3, 0 b]


Spiritual Literature of different directions in MP3 format

Life and Exhortations of Venerable Seraphim Sarovsky, Seraphim Sarovskys Talk on the Goals of the Christian Life, Spiritual Exhortations of Venerable Seraphim Sarovsky for laity and monks − the Great Saint of Russian Land preaches to laity and monks about an acquisition of the Holy Spirit. Seraphim Sarovskys Talk with Motovilov when He shows in His Great favour the Light Body.

The precious beads − Sutra of Dvagpo-Lhardje, a disciple of Milarep, the Tibetan Siddhi. The text gives you the flavour of Dharma and Mukti (Enlightenment).

Zen Koans − Issyu Miura, Ruth Fuller Sasaki. Acquaintance with Zen Buddhism [all mp3 in a single zip, 0 b]

Life of Ramakrishna (by Romen Rolland) − Biography of the Great Indian Bhakt known in the world as Sri Ramakrishna. N. Savitsky reads the text. [all mp3 in a single zip, 0 b]


Fiction in MP3 format

Illusions or Adventure of a Messiah, Who Didnt Want to be a Messiah (Richard Bach) − the fine parable of Spirit, Freedom, Faith and Friendship. [mp3, 0 b]

The Yellow Arrow (Victor Pelevin) − the amusing story about the meaning of live that nobody gropes for [mp3, 0 b]

The hermit and the Six-Fingered (Victor Pelevin) − the parable of spiritual knowledge, people, gurus and followers. Light vein of humour can be seen after seven years of Yoga practice. [ mp3 zip, 0 b]

The August (Herman Hesse) − a fine story that teaches you love [mp3, 0 b]


Scientific literature in MP3 format

Games people play (by Eric Berne) [all mp3 in a single zip, 0 b] − Psychology of relationships. Theory, description and analysis of the games played by human beings throughout their entire life. The author applies structural analysis to suggest the ways for a conscious management of ones own behavioral patterns allowing full renunciation of the games.